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Chinese Potato Salad

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After watching a friend make this, I tried it myself. It is quite simple and good. I cooked the potatoes until completely soft, which was longer than she did, because I had some stomach problems when I did not cook them fully.

Take some potatoes and peel them. Slice them into matchstick-sized pieces, then boil them until just barely cooked. Drain, rinse with cold water and set aside.

Mince some garlic and put it in a bowl, along with spices such as: chilli peppers, cayenne pepper, cumin powder, and five-spice powder. Heat some oil to just below bubbling, then pour it over the spices. While it is still cooking the spices, add in a pinch of sugar.

Next add some soy sauce, salt, and vinegar to the spice mixture. Add the spiced oil to the cooked potatoes and mix. Add some spring onion. You can also add boiled and cooled mu-err mushroom (black fungus) for a little variety.



Chard/Mangold and Tofu Gyoza

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To make this, I took about half a package of (previously frozen) tofu and squeezed out the water before crumbling it and mixing it with two heaping spoonfuls of gochujang (Korean chilli paste). I took a handful of chard leaves and stems, chopped them roughly and blanched them, then squeezed the water out of them, too, before dicing them. There are also three diced spring onions in the mix.

After mixing the filling, I put it in ready-made wrappers. The wrappers had egg in them, which is why this dish isn’t vegan, but it would be easy to make or buy ones without egg, as I sealed them with water. I fried them on each side in a bit of oil, then added some water and a lid and let them steam until the water was gone. I served them with soy sauce and chilli oil, and turned out even tastier than I expected!


Cabbage Fried Rice

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I used a sweetheart cabbage in this cabbage fried rice, which I consider one of the nicer ways to eat cabbage.

Aubergine/Eggplant Curry

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This curry is made with tamarind and sesame seeds. It is not my favourite aubergine/eggplant dish.

Capsicum Sada Masala

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In this curry, sweet peppers are cooked with onion and a bit of coconut.

Eggless Malted Chocolate Cake

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I made two, rather than three layers of this cake. I did not really notice the malt flavour in the cake.

Sabaneh Wa Ruz Bil Sha’riyeh

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This recipe comes from Palestine Plate by Joudie Kal. For me the recipe makes altogether too much rice relative to spinach, but the spinach, garlic and lemon combination is nice.