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Vegan Kare Kare

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This recipe already adapts the dish to make it vegan, but I had to make further adjustments. First, I was only able to find banana blossom canned. Second, I chose to get cheaper green beans rather than long beans. Third, I thought I had puffed rice – but I didn’t – so the sauce is a little thinner. And finally I had annato seeds but not powder, so I wasn’t able to get as pronounced a colour when I soaked them.


Orkney Fudge Cheesecake

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My cousin passed on this recipe to me. It is very rich and delicious.


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In the recipe I used, an Asian pear with peppercorns is simmered in a ginger syrup before being topped with pinenuts.

Vegan Pastel

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This adaptation of the traditional Filipino dish comes from Astig Vegan. I couldn’t find a turnip or jicama, so I used swede. I found the dish a little bland.

Apple-Blueberry Mini Buckwheat Cobblers

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I made these mini cobblers by taking one granny smith apple and a few fresh blueberries and mixing them with fruit syrup sweetener, cinnamon, a pinch of flour, and a bit of lemon juice. I divided the mixture between 6 oiled cupcake tins and preheated the oven to 220 Celsius.

For the topping I used a little oil, cinnamon, fruit syrup sweetener, buckwheat flour, wheat flour, hazelnut milk, baking soda and ground flax seed. I baked them for 20 minutes.


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Normally this would be made with a daikon radish, but the only ones I could find were absolutely huge, so I used pink radish instead. Unfortunately I still don’t enjoy radish.

Pulled Jackfruit

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I was still in the mood for snack food, so I made pulled jackfruit. Mine only took about 12 minutes to cook. The first time I tried it, the texture and flavour were nice, although it was salty.

The second time I made it, I rinsed it and the flavour was not very good. Clearly there are some variables with this dish that I’m not yet aware of.