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The garbage game

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I’d like to throw away as little as possible, but I take a certain delight in producing food waste.  I’m not talking about leftovers which rot in the back of the fridge and have to be thrown away–I try to avoid that–but all the bits I chop off the vegetables I prepare.  I think it started when I made a real effort to ensure I ate enough vegetables.  The fuller the compost, the greater the victory.  It’s something of a game for me to see if I can fill up my little inside compost bin twice a week.

I do the cooking once a week, and usually create enough garbage to fill the bin once.  It’s a bit easier to see it in a bowl, but that’s about how much garbage I have to generate, twice if I want to ‘win’.  With only two people typically eating here, it’s difficult to do it, especially as anything that’s wasted doesn’t count toward my goal.


Most of the bulk in that container is from a cauliflower, but there’s almost always something bulky.  That’s good, because I’d never make my goal with carrot tops and garlic skin.  My weekday lunchtime salads–which typically consist of cucumber, carrot, sweet paprika and lettuce–and fruit snacks usually contribute another half a bin.

It’s a silly game but for some reason it motivates me to use more vegetables.  If only I could find a way to gamify exercise and cleaning!



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