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An indulgence of cake

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I was recently horrified by and covetous of the Brown Eyed Baker’s six-layer cake with marshmallow filling and malted chocolate frosting and decided to bake one for the office.  I made a few modifications, such as replacing the coffee with a chicory substitute and making homemade marshmallow fluff (I used this recipe, but replaced the corn syrup with agave; it makes about 30% more than needed).  I also found that a food processor is better than a mixer for breaking the toasted marshmallows into pieces, and it’s better to cool the cake layers 40 minutes on the rack before trying to turn them out.


It’s probably the richest cake I’ve ever made.  Although it was quite good, and two people asked for the recipe, I can’t see myself making it again.  It’s just too much; it looks like it could meet the daily caloric needs of a small city.  So far, 10 people have eaten some and I still have about half a cake left.

cake slice


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