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Morning Muesli

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This weekend I made a fresh batch of muesli.  There’s no standard recipe for it, because it’s different every time.  This time I used oat flakes, spelt flakes, chia seeds, two types of roasted pumpkin seeds, flaked almonds, dried cranberries, sultanas and cocoa nibs.


Add some type of thick syrup, just enough to stick the small ingredients to the larger ones. Mix everything except dried fruits, as these will burn. I used agave syrup this time, but I’ve used honey in the past and I expect molasses or date syrup would also work.  Spread it out on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake in a moderate oven (about 350° F/180° C) until it is lightly browned.  Stir every 10 minutes.  Mine usually needs 30-40 minutes.  When it is done, mix in any dried fruits and leave it to cool, then store it in a container with a tight lid.


I like to eat it topped with some Greek yogourt.  I buy a large container, mix it with vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, liquid stevia to taste, and a bit of agave syrup to eliminate the chemical taste of using stevia alone.  I whisk it and then put it back in the container so I have sweetened yogourt available in the morning, when I really can’t be bothered to mix it up.


In the summer, I often don’t include any dried fruit and simply serve it with fresh seasonal fruit.  As it is winter the best I could do was add a few frozen blueberries.


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