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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Seasoned Chickpeas with Tzatziki

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Buttered Vegetable Pilaf

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I wasn’t prepared to pay for asparagus this early in the season, and I replaced the paneer with halloumi, but otherwise, this is the recipe.

Chickpeas and Cabbage

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I made revithia sto fourno, or baked chickpeas (which I’ve posted previously) with a side of red cabbage with raisins.  The chickpeas are vegan, but the cabbage contains honey, although that could easily be replaced with agave syrup.


Yesterday’s Vegan Indian Meal

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I’ve posted all these dishes before: daal with tomato, capsicum masala gravy, and ridge gourd curry.


Chicken with Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce

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A few days ago some friends dropped by for dinner and we wanted something quick because it was a weeknight. I decided to slice chicken breasts in half, coat them with a mix of spices, and grill them, then top them with mozzarella and a my standard tomato-based sauce.


I served it with kısır as an appetizer and chopped up the leftover courgette/zuchinni.


Cinnamon Twists

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On Sunday I tried half this recipe.  I think I prefer cinnamon rolls, but these are a quicker option.  I rolled the cinnamon on the inside instead of the outside as shown in the original recipe.


Kısır (Bulgar Salad)

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I made kısır and grilled courgette/zucchini (which I’ve previously posted) for lunch this week.