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Monthly Archives: June 2015

White Asparagus with Turmeric

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Last year I posted a picture of green asparagus cooked with milk and turmeric. It is equally tasty when prepared with white asparagus, and the bright colour of the turmeric is far more visible.


Vegetable Juice for a Workout

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When I wake up in the morning I’m generally thirsty, but if I plan to exercise I have found that consuming enough plain water to quench my thirst will give me a stitch in my side during my workout. My solution is vegetable juice. I don’t have a juicer but simply use a blender and strain it.


The mix varies depending on what I have available. In this picture, I have cucumber, carrot, rhubarb, chard/mangold leaf, blueberries and ginger. Not visible but also included are lemon juice, liquid stevia and a little flax oil. Three constants which I always include ensure that the result is never too horrible are ginger, stevia and lemon juice. I’ve also learned that I like carrots in my juice and am not fond of lettuce juice. The rest, however, is flexible: if it can be safely eaten raw and I have it on hand, it might be added.


Refreshing Apple Salad

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With the warmer weather I often find a salad is sufficient for dinner. I started with this recipe but made quite a few substitutions. Instead of radish, I used carrot. Instead of frisée, I used red-leaf lettuce. Instead of endive and lemon peel, I used nothing. I don’t know what type of apple I used, though it was crispy and sweet. I replaced half the oil with flaxseed oil. The dressing was a little too tart for me so I added 1 teaspoon of honey. In the end it was probably a completely different salad, but it was still refreshing.

Carrot-ginger Soup and Green Beans

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I started with this recipe but decided I didn’t want lemon juice but a bit of an extra spice kick. I ended up adding a bit of garam masala while it was simmering. I served the carrot-ginger soup with green beans in soy sauce.


Yeast-Leavened Rye-Buckwheat Pancakes

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For breakfast I made rye-buckwheat pancakes leavened with yeast, served with a purée of fresh strawberries sweetened with maple syrup.


Chicken Tikka Masala

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I used this recipe for the gravy but used another recipe for the chicken. When I make a barbecue I often cook some chicken tikka at the end, which I then use over the next few days in other dishes.

Fava Bean Meze

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I’ve posted so many pictures of meze that I don’t bother to post most times I prepare it. Suffice to say, it’s a summer favourite. But I’m not just sticking with old favourites like baba ghanoush (left), yogurtlu havuc salatasi (bottom) and fresh pita; I also try new dishes such as fava bean puree.