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Vegetable Juice for a Workout

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When I wake up in the morning I’m generally thirsty, but if I plan to exercise I have found that consuming enough plain water to quench my thirst will give me a stitch in my side during my workout. My solution is vegetable juice. I don’t have a juicer but simply use a blender and strain it.


The mix varies depending on what I have available. In this picture, I have cucumber, carrot, rhubarb, chard/mangold leaf, blueberries and ginger. Not visible but also included are lemon juice, liquid stevia and a little flax oil. Three constants which I always include ensure that the result is never too horrible are ginger, stevia and lemon juice. I’ve also learned that I like carrots in my juice and am not fond of lettuce juice. The rest, however, is flexible: if it can be safely eaten raw and I have it on hand, it might be added.



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