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Pumpkin Hemp Swirl Bread

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Pumpkin purée and hemp flour were added to a simple milk loaf to create an attractive mix of colours without significantly altering the flavour. The end result is a pumpkin-hemp swirl loaf which tastes like a standard milk loaf unless it is toasted. When toasted, a nutty flavour develops.


I started making a basic milk loaf (I didn’t use a recipe, but I added scalded milk, melted butter, salt, yeast, sugar and lemon juice) with 2/3 white flour and 1/3 whole grain rye flour. I divided it into one part consisting of 2/3 the dough and one part with the remainder. To the larger amount of dough I added about one-third a cup of pumpkin purée, while the smaller portion received a similar quantity of hemp flour. After the first rise, I braided the dough and then kneaded it to create the pattern of hemp. The loaf was brushed with milk after the second rising and decorated with sunflower and pumpkin seeds.



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