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Many Meals from a Repeating Selection of Vegetables

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If you cook for one or two people, it can be difficult to incorporate sufficient vegetables and retain variety. Sometimes I like to buy several different types of vegetables and try to make multiple meals out of the same ingredients while still providing variety. This is what I did with the last few posts. I purchased 5 tomatoes, a Savoy cabbage, a bag of carrots and a box of chestnut mushrooms. From these ingredients I made cabbage soup, cabbage rolls, and cabbage stirfry, although I did not include the tomatoes – which I had already used up – in the stirfry. Of course I incorporated other ingredients, such as onions, ginger, garlic and seasoning, but these are all ingredients I keep on hand. As you can see, the three dishes were visually distinct, and the flavours were distinctive as well.


I enjoy presenting myself with this sort of challenge, instead of my usual approach of making a few different curries, each featuring one vegetable, and eating them in different proportions for a few days.



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