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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Cauliflower Steaks in Mushroom Sauce

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Vegan Richa has a lot of nice recipes, this one among them.


Dua Gia

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I had bean sprouts left over from my wraps, so I decided to make fresh pickles from them.


Fresh Spring Rolls

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I made fresh spring rolls with lettuce, mint, basil, bean sprouts, corn, carrot, sweet pepper, cucumber and blanched snow peas wrapped in rice paper.


To accompany it I made a sauce of peanuts, coconut, olive oil, red pepper flakes, soy sauce, garlic, lime, lemon juice, maple sugar, salt and shallot.


Greek Roasted Brussels Sprouts

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I did not have fresh oregano so I had to modify the recipe by using dried.


I have been posting a lot of Brussels sprouts recipes because they are a healthy cheap seasonal vegetable, and are sold in a large bag. I am not actually very fond of them, so I am always trying new recipes to see what I prefer, and now have several I like. I generally half or quarter recipes like this so that I can eat the sprouts prepared a number of different ways, instead of filling my fridge with leftovers which I may not want.

Teff Wraps with Baba Ghanoush

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I made these wraps from teff and wheat flour, then spread them with baba ghanoush and filled them with sweet pepper, corn, carrot and cucumber. It’s another variation of the wrap and hummus theme.


Mushroom BokkEum

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Here is the recipe.

Bean Sprout NaMul

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I made bean sprout NaMul, using this recipe for the basics but adding chilli powder as described in this recipe.