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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Tea Brack

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I  used this recipe for Irish tea brack, a lightly sweetened fruity bread best served with butter and tea. I found that it did not need to bake as long as stated in the recipe: 40 minutes was more than enough at that temperature.

Kimchi Dumplings

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I made these dumplings using kimchi, leek, bean sprouts, sesame oil and minced garlic. I used a pre-made wrapper. Because the kimchi contains fish sauce, these are not vegetarian. If you make your own kimchi without, and ensure the wrappers don’t contain egg, it could be easily made vegan.

I then fried them in a bit of oil on one side with the lid on, before turning them, adding a bit of water, putting on the lid, and cooking them until they were brown on the other side as well.

Pine nut, Chard/Mangold and Pasta

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This pasta contains shredded chard leaves, pine nuts, pesto and Parmesan.

White Beans with Greens

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This Greek-style dish of white beans and chard/mangold also contains dill, tomatoes, and of course plenty of olive oil and garlic.


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It’s difficult to make this cake look exciting in a photograph, but it is moist and flavourful. It has oats, ginger, treacle/molasses and cinnamon. It’s perfect for rainy autumn weather.

Chard/Mangold Chèvre Gyoza

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I used this recipe. I liked the idea of this recipe – perfect for using up some goat cheese I had left – but ended up finding the cheese cloying. If you like deep-fried cheese wontons, you might enjoy this version.

Creamy Vegan Pasta with Mushrooms

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I used this recipe with cashews in place of hemp seed. I used more wine than the recipe called for and let the mushrooms simmer longer. It was quite creamy and had sufficient flavour, plus I could not taste the cauliflower.  I liked the potato/cashew cream in this recipe better than the bean-based sauce in the creamy summer vegetable pasta.