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Chard/Mangold with Orange, Garlic and Caraway

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I think that this dish would have benefited from having the orange peel cut into smaller pieces so that some would be included with each bite, because the dish was balanced in the bites which included orange, but less nice in the bites which didn’t have it. I ended up also adding water to prevent it from burning.



Rootbeer Float Pie

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I was baking over the holiday period and one person prefers creamy pies over the fruit pies I usually make. So I tried a root beer float pie. I did not use sugar-free rootbeer or pudding mix, and I added a bit of root beer extract to the filling.

French Lentil Soup

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This recipe uses red lentils, leeks and carrots. It comes from Short-Cut Vegetarian by Lorna Sass.


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I found a good use for the rest of the bounty of apples I received in the autumn: sharlotka. What’s nice about this is that it’s mostly apple with a bit of batter: more fruit, less sugar.

Green Bean Casserole

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I guess this is based on some type of dish people routinely make with soup mix, but since I have never tasted the original I am evaluating it on its own merits. Of course I used completely different proportions of beans (and used flat beans) and mushrooms. I also made my own fried onions. Perhaps because I ignored proportions there was too much sauce, although the taste was fine. I think it would be nice with some potato added to make a full meal.

Cauliflower “Cheese”

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I really like how Romanesco cauliflower looks. Just look at the ombre and fractals! Unfortunately it tastes like cauliflower, which I don’t care for, so I’m always looking at ways to perk it up.

I decided to make cauliflower cheese, but using a nut-free cheese substitute. Unfortunately, it was horrible, with a strong taste of raw tofu. Unless you are keen on raw tofu – personally, I only like it fried or with lots of seasoning – I would skip this recipe.

Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes

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I kind of started with this recipe, but I wasn’t in the mood for sweet potatoes so I used ordinary potatoes. I also didn’t have any shallots, so I substituted red onion. So in the end, it was probably a completely different dish.

This was part of my ongoing attempt to find ways to prepare Brussels sprouts, given my lack of fondness for the vegetable. Sadly, while I found the potato part fine, this was not the recipe to overcome my opinion of Brussels sprouts.

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

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I started with this basic recipe and then modified it with some of the suggestions in the comments:

  • I added 1 teaspoon dried orange zest
  • I replaced the olive oil with butter
  • I first mixed the dry ingredients, then crumbled in the butter, then added the wet ingredients (along with a little water), then added the zest, cranberries, and pistachio nuts
  • I used only one cup of pistachio nuts

I made this to give to people and it was appreciated.

Maple Roasted Parsnips

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To make this, parsnips are parboiled, then tossed with a maple syrup, butter and honey sauce before being roasted.

Yellow Plantain Porridge

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This simple dish is made of plantain purée. It has all the nutrients of bananas, but tastes similar to a hot wheat cereal. I used almond milk to make it, and then topped it with almond milk, blueberries, and maple syrup.

The next day I prepared the leftover porridge by blending it with more almond milk, and mixing in leftover pumpkin topping from the baked apples with pumpkin caramel filling.