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Roasted Vegetables with Green Sauce

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I’ve used mint-lime-tamarind sauce on boiled vegetables and on pan-fried vegetables, so to finish it off I put it on roasted vegetables.

To make this I used half a red onion, one carrot, one sweet red pepper, and one potato. I tossed them in olive oil, salt and pepper, then baked them 45 minutes at 200° C. After they were done I poured the dressing over them.


Char-grilled Lettuce with Green Sauce

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I found another use for the mint-lime-tamarind sauce: grilled lettuce. Normally, grilled lettuce is made with a closed-leaf lettuce like little gem, but I had a loose-leaf red-tipped lettuce available when I decided to make this.

Grilling lettuce is as simple as heating a frying pan quite hot, and grilling the lettuce a few moments on each side. Before grilling I add salt, olive oil, and black pepper to the lettuce. It is done when the leaves start to wilt and some char develops on the stem.

After the lettuce was cooked, I simply served it with the sauce. The lettuce tasted a little like spinach, and went well with the sauce. Half a head of lettuce looks like a lot, but once it is cooked, one person can eat it all in just a few bites.

Asparagus with Mozzarella and Green Sauce

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To make this, I peeled white asparagus and boiled it in salted water for six minutes. I then chilled it in a cold water bath, before draining it well. I added a bit of mozzarella and topped it with mint-lime-tamarind sauce.

Chard/Mangold with Miso-Maple Glaze

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I had chard stems left after I used the leaves for soup, so I decided to make a miso-maple glaze.

First I boiled the chard stems until they were soft. Meanwhile I mixed up the glaze: 2 tablespoons light miso, 1 tablespoon maple sugar, 1/2 teaspoon mild Korean chilli powder, 2 tablespoons mirin, and 2 tablespoons sake. I drained the chard stems and tossed them in the glaze, then put them under the broiler in the oven for about five minutes before turning them over. I cooked them on the second side just until the sauce started bubbling. While they were cooking, I toasted some sesame seeds, which I sprinkled over the cooked chard.

Braised Vegetables with Star Anise

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I started these braised vegetables as if I was making a stir fry. I heated oil in a wok, and then poured it over Szechuan peppers, star anise, dried chilli pepper, roughly chopped garlic, roughly chopped ginger, and the white part of a spring onion. I then returned the oil to the wok and added carrot, chard, king oyster mushrooms and an aubergine. After tossing the vegetables in the oil, I added a little water and put the lid on the wok. I continued to cook it, stirring periodically and adding a little water as needed, until the vegetables were cooked. I then removed the lid and added a bit of soy sauce, some agave syrup, a touch of mirin and the green part of the spring onion. Once the liquid was gone I sprinkled it with sesame seeds and served it.

Baked Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Cheese

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As an adult, I sometimes find myself craving pasta and cheese. But I prefer a slightly more complex taste than when I was a child, and therefore like to add tomato. To make this I fried minced garlic and then added a tin of diced tomatoes, along with marjoram, salt and thyme. I cooked the pasta while the sauce was simmering. After the pasta was cooked, I mixed it in with the sauce and mixed in some grated Turkish cheese. I put it in a baking pan, topped with a bit more grated cheese, and baked it for 20 minutes. I topped it with fresh basil leaves (I actually used Thai basil, as that was what I had) and served it with a salad.

This is the kind of cooking I do when I’m not in the mood to cook.

Mushroom and Sour Cream Pasta

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A friend who cooked a meal at my house left me with most of an open container of sour cream. To avoid wasting it, I prepared pasta with mushrooms in a sour cream sauce. While the pasta was cooking, I cooked mushrooms and garlic gradually with a bit of oil, then I added some marjoram, thyme, salt and pepper. I added the sour cream to the mushrooms and let it simmer on low to thicken, before adding the pasta and mixing it well. I topped it with chopped parsley.