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Granny’s Loaf

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A granny’s loaf is a Scottish cake containing currants and sultanas, spiced with ginger and cinnamon.

Victoria Sponge with Berries

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I had guests for dinner but no dessert so we quickly made a Victoria sponge. I reduced jam with brandy to make a topping, and added fresh berries.

Turmeric Carrot Muffins

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For this recipe I used turmeric powder, 1 cup white flour, ½ cup whole wheat flour, and hazelnut milk. I put raisins and dates in the muffins, and used the recommended seasoning. I added a little bit of stevia powder to increase the sweetness. I opted not to top them with anything.

In my opinion these muffins need more oil than the optional amount suggested. Mine stuck to the paper, even when fully cool.

Okra with Tamarind and Coconut

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I cooked this okra with tamarind juice and coconut and seasoned it with vathal pulikulambu powder which a friend brought me from Tamil Nadu.

Harak Osbao

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I worked from this recipe, but I substituted vegetable stock for the chicken stock, and used green speckled lentils instead of brown lentils.


Vegan Dan Dan Noodles

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This is quite tasty and I plan to make it again. I used whole wheat noodles and replaced some of the sugar with stevia for a little extra nutrition. I also used some ground chilli – about one teaspoon – instead of chilli oil.

Balsamic Glazed Carrots

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I used maple sugar instead of brown sugar, and slices full-sized carrots instead of using the baby carrots advocated in this recipe. Like several of the people who commented, I agree that it takes more than 10 minutes to cook carrots in a pan – it took about 15 minutes with my sliced carrots, so with baby carrots I think it would be advisable to parboil.

I also thought it benefited from a pinch of salt.