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Vegan Dan Dan Noodles

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This is quite tasty and I plan to make it again. I used whole wheat noodles and replaced some of the sugar with stevia for a little extra nutrition. I also used some ground chilli – about one teaspoon – instead of chilli oil.

Balsamic Glazed Carrots

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I used maple sugar instead of brown sugar, and slices full-sized carrots instead of using the baby carrots advocated in this recipe. Like several of the people who commented, I agree that it takes more than 10 minutes to cook carrots in a pan – it took about 15 minutes with my sliced carrots, so with baby carrots I think it would be advisable to parboil.

I also thought it benefited from a pinch of salt.

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Bread

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The original recipe is completely gluten-free, in addition to being yeast-free and vegan. For my version I used, instead of 300 grams of plain gluten-free flour, 95 grams of buckwheat flour, 100 grams of brown rice flour, 100 grams of coarse tapioca flour, 1½ teaspoons xanthan gum, 1½ teaspoons potato starch, and 1½ teaspoons ground flax meal.

Overall I thought it wasn’t quite as tasty as the gluten-free bread rolls, but it was easier to prepare.

Pasta with Broccoli and Asparagus

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I steamed broccoli and asparagus for six minutes, then blanched it. In the meantime, I chopped a spring onion and parsley, and grated a carrot and some red Leicester cheese. Because it is a sharp, old cheese, only a little was needed so the dish wasn’t too heavy. Next I cooked the pasta in boiling salted water with a crushed clove of garlic. The pasta was mixed with the vegetables and a little butter, then set on a bed of carrot and topped with cheese.

Lefki Fasolada

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Here’s a recipe for this dish. I pre-cooked the beans in a pressure cooker, which does nothing to stop them from absorbing the olive oil and becoming melt-in-your-mouth creamy, but ensured that they were completely cooked.

Peas with Onion

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I used this recipe, substituting vegetable bouillon and water for chicken stock. Purple onion was used to contrast more with the peas.

Lemon-Basil Carrot Bundles

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I used this recipe, substituting olive oil for the butter to make it vegan. Because it was early spring when I made this, I wasn’t able to get enough green onion tops to tie the bundles, but I found that chives made a suitable substitute.

This looked nice but the sauce was too lemony for my taste.