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Spinach “Alfredo” Linguine

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This recipe comes from One-Dish Vegan by Robin Robertson. It is made creamy with plant milk and mashed white beans. I thought this was rather bland. I added pine nuts to try to perk it up but it didn’t help.

Spinach Legume Stew

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I worked off of this recipe, but substituted frozen fenugreek leaf for half the spinach because I had it available and I’m very fond of fenugreek leaf.

What I enjoyed about this recipe was that it gave me the opportunity to use so many different varieties of legume.

Of course most of the colour didn’t survive the cooking. Still, even with the limitation that I choose small, quick-cooking legumes, I included 10 varieties.

I used (from left to right) shelled urid dal, chana dal, moth beans, mung beans, cow peas, horse gram, yellow split peas, green split peas, beluga lentils and red lentils.



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According to this recipe, the dish can be made with ash gourd or with yellow pumpkin. I used Hokkaido pumpkin, which is widely available where I live. It is a simple dish, consisting of cowpeas and pumpkin in coconut milk.

Butter bean mash with roast vegetables

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I left out the optional butter when making the mash from butter beans, which I cooked from dried. The mash is served with roast aubergine/eggplant, tomato, and sweet pepper.

Red Cowpea Curry

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I used this recipe.

Rajma Tomato Curry

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This kidney bean and tomato curry is quite simple to make as it requires relatively few ingredients.

Ful Mudammas

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I used this recipe once substituting white beans for fava beans, but fava beans have a distinctive flavour. I got around the problem of peeling by using tinned beans.