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Lighter Coleslaw

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In this coleslaw – based off a recipe from a friend – I replaced most of the mayonnaise with Greek yoghurt. It also contains cabbage, carrot, red onions, lime juice and a chilli pepper.


Simple Greek Cabbage Salad

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This simple salad consists of cabbage, carrot and sweet pepper and is seasoned with vinegar, olive oil and salt.

Atakilt Wat

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This dish is made with cabbage, carrot and potato, and is slightly spicy. I quite liked it.


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I made this tasty soup, using black-eyed beans and sweetheart cabbage as they were what I had on hand.

Cabbage Quinoa Slaw

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I used this recipe, using agave syrup for the sweetener and replacing lime with lemon. I also added a bit of sesame oil instead of sriracha, replaced the green bell pepper with yellow, left out the red cabbage, and replaced the almonds with sesame seeds.

Greek Cabbage Soup

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I used this recipe for the soup.


Cabbage and Green Bean Curry

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This is a simple dry curry of cabbage and green beans that I tossed together one night to use up leftover vegetables.