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Kimchi Dumplings

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I made these dumplings using kimchi, leek, bean sprouts, sesame oil and minced garlic. I used a pre-made wrapper. Because the kimchi contains fish sauce, these are not vegetarian. If you make your own kimchi without, and ensure the wrappers don’t contain egg, it could be easily made vegan.

I then fried them in a bit of oil on one side with the lid on, before turning them, adding a bit of water, putting on the lid, and cooking them until they were brown on the other side as well.


Cabbage Pachadi

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In my quest to find cabbage dishes I appreciate, I tried this cabbage chutney. The taste of cabbage was a bit too strong for someone who does not really like cabbage.

Grilled Cabbage with Nam Prik

I didn’t have a pointed cabbage, but a plain white cabbage still grilled up nicely. I left out the fish sauce to make it vegan. Everyone who tasted it enjoyed the sauce.

Lighter Coleslaw

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In this coleslaw – based off a recipe from a friend – I replaced most of the mayonnaise with Greek yoghurt. It also contains cabbage, carrot, red onions, lime juice and a chilli pepper.

Simple Greek Cabbage Salad

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This simple salad consists of cabbage, carrot and sweet pepper and is seasoned with vinegar, olive oil and salt.

Atakilt Wat

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This dish is made with cabbage, carrot and potato, and is slightly spicy. I quite liked it.


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I made this tasty soup, using black-eyed beans and sweetheart cabbage as they were what I had on hand.