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Green Lentil Spinach Stew

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I got the recipe here, but it’s from the Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook by Salma Hage. If you leave out the labneh as I did, it is a one-pot vegan meal.

Carrot-Pineapple Bundt Cake

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My seasonal baking also included a carrot-pineapple bundt cake. Here is the recipe. This was really moist and people liked it quite a bit.

Paprika Carrots

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This recipe comes from Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure by Lorna Sass. I used purple and white carrots to get these hues. It also contains sweet red pepper.

French Lentil Soup

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This recipe uses red lentils, leeks and carrots. It comes from Short-Cut Vegetarian by Lorna Sass.

Chickpea Carrot Pancakes

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Here’s the recipe. Although they call it crêpes, I couldn’t get a thin enough batter with that proportion of carrots, so they ended up closer to latkes. I used oat milk as suggested in the recipe, along with carom seeds, and served it with berbere lentils.

Mushroom Bourguignon

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I started with this recipe, but I modified it for stove-top cooking. I left out the celery and spinach as well, but added a little nutritional yeast. Instead of serving it with the potato-cauliflower mash, I served it with plain pasta.

Vegetable Barigoule

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Vegetables in broth make a nice change my usual preparation. I used carrots (both white and orange), fennel, green beans and peas as my vegetables, leaving out the sugar snap peas in the original recipe. The beans were boiled like the carrots, except until fully cooked. Instead of a vanilla bean I used vanilla extract. Finally, instead of thyme I used rosemary, because I had some handy.


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This is quite a fancy name for what is basically cabbage and potatoes. I reduced the cheese significantly, using it only for a topping and not mixing it in. I also used more Savoy cabbage and less potato. Mainly I decided to make this as I had leftover buttermilk and potatoes.

Sweet Corn Ginger Soup

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I got this recipe from Afro-Vegan by Bryant Terry. Corncobs are used to make a broth, while onion, celery, garlic, ginger and paprika powder are cooked in a bit of oil. The vegetables are then simmered in the broth, along with coconut milk. Finally the soup is blended and the corn kernels are cooked briefly in it. It is topped with coriander leaf (cilantro).

The recipe calls for straining out the vegetable mash before adding the corn kernels. This makes for a light, creamy soup.

However, I liked it better with the mash retained, which makes for a richer soup and a brighter colour.

Orzo Spinach Soup

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I opted for vegetable stock when making this orzo soup.