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Chicken Ramen Soup

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I do not like instant ramen noodles very much, but a homemade soup with a bit of baby bok choy and carrot, and actual chicken is a completely different dish.

Suriname Chicken Masala

Some friends and I made Suriname chicken curry with pumpkin, beans and potato.


Korean Chicken Stew

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I tried this Korean chicken stew recipe.


Pilaf and Creamy Chicken

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I’ve previously prepared this buttered rice pilaf with vegetables, and the chicken is marinated in tikka spices and grilled on the barbecue, then smothered in a creamy cashew-coconut sauce.

Indian Pizza

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Ever since I first tried it, I’ve been convinced Indian pizza is the best fusion food in the world. For this pizza I made a basic pizza dough and a creamy coconut-cashew-tomato sauce. The pizza is topped with sweet peppers, tandoori chicken, purple onion and halloumi cheese.


Chicken Tikka Masala

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I used this recipe for the gravy but used another recipe for the chicken. When I make a barbecue I often cook some chicken tikka at the end, which I then use over the next few days in other dishes.

Broccoli Chicken

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