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Spinach Legume Stew

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I worked off of this recipe, but substituted frozen fenugreek leaf for half the spinach because I had it available and I’m very fond of fenugreek leaf.

What I enjoyed about this recipe was that it gave me the opportunity to use so many different varieties of legume.

Of course most of the colour didn’t survive the cooking. Still, even with the limitation that I choose small, quick-cooking legumes, I included 10 varieties.

I used (from left to right) shelled urid dal, chana dal, moth beans, mung beans, cow peas, horse gram, yellow split peas, green split peas, beluga lentils and red lentils.


Sprouted Fenugreek Salad with Fruity Dressing

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This has to be one of the prettiest salads I’ve ever made. The dressing was initially a little bland, probably because the papaya wasn’t a very good one. I perked it up with a squeeze of lemon juice and that made all the difference.

It’s an unusual way of enjoying a mix of fruits and vegetables.

Methiche Varan

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The last time I cooked fenugreek leaves with lentils, I followed a south Indian recipe. This time I used a Maharashtrian recipe, substituting oil for the ghee. I used frozen fenugreek leaves because I have such a hard time finding them fresh.

Fenugreek Sprout Fry

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This recipe contains onion, mustard seed, cumin seed, chilli powder and turmeric fried in a bit of oil. Fenugreek sprouts are added and cooked briefly at the end. I let these sprouts continue growing for quite a while in order to get the start of leaves, but that isn’t required.

Fusion Lunch of Leftovers

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This is the sort of meal I throw together for lunch when I’m home. I had two king oyster mushrooms which I forgot to put in my mushroom pasta, two leftover baby bok choy, and fenugreek sprouts which I’d left to develop some leaves.

I started by heating some oil and adding two smashed garlic cloves, 1/2″ of sliced ginger, and 2 dried red chiles. Meanwhile I started some water to boil for rice noodles.

I chopped the bok choy and mushrooms and added them to the spices, along with the white part of a spring onion, then put on a lid and let it cook on medium-high heat, stirring from time to time. When the water was ready, I cooked the rice noodles, drained them, and set them aside.

When the vegetables were cooked, I removed the lid and added the rice noodles, a bit of soy sauce, some mirin, a touch of sesame oil, and ketjap manis. I removed it from the heat and stirred in the rinsed fenugreek sprouts and the green part of the spring onion.

I removed the chiles, garlic and ginger before serving.

Methi Dana Ankur aur Pyaz ka Salad

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I’m very fond of fenugreek leaves and fenugreek seeds, so when I saw a recipe for a fenugreek sprout salad, I had to try it.

The taste of fenugreek doesn’t really come through strongly, and this tastes very similar to a salad of soy bean sprouts.

Aloo Methi

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I really like fenugreek leaves, and they are quite tasty in this simple potato dish.

Methi Turai ki Sabzi

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This recipe brings my favourite ridge gourd and fenugreek leaf together.

Aloo Methi Tamatar Subzi

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This tasty curry is made of potato, tomato, and fenugreek leaves.

Methi and Mushroom

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I just adore fresh fenugreek leaves. Here I made a dish with mushrooms and yoghurt.