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Arakas Kokinistos

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I made this side dish of seasoned peas with dill, tomato, onion and oregano. This is actually an accurate representation of the colours in the dish.

Tahini Soup

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This is a fresh soup for spring.

Fasolakia Lathera

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I worked from this recipe, using half the oil it called for at the suggestion of a Greek friend. Unfortunately my tomatoes looked a little anaemic this time of year, so I was unable to get the bright colour of the original recipe.


Greek Cabbage Soup

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I used this recipe for the soup.


Revithia Fournou with Tomato

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Having tried Greek-style chickpeas baked in the oven and in soup form, I decided to try them baked with a tomato sauce. I served it with winter vegetable bake.


Revithia Soup

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In the past, I’ve made Greek baked chickpeas, but I wanted to try the soup variation of revithia. I think I prefer the baked variation, but the soup is also nice. Thanks to the olive oil, the chickpeas are very creamy.



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Here’s a recipe.  I adapted it to fit what I had. There’s a courgette/zucchini shortage, so I used less of this ingredient. Partway through the cooking I decided to add two extra tomatoes because I thought it needed more. I had an extra green bell pepper so I tossed that in, too. It is an extremely forgiving dish.


Briam can be eaten plain but it is also commonly served with feta. If you are not avoiding dairy the addition of feta does improve this dish but it is quite good without it as well.