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I made this dish of rice and spinach using mint rather than dill, and with basmati rice. I included the tomato paste.


Simple Greek Cabbage Salad

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This simple salad consists of cabbage, carrot and sweet pepper and is seasoned with vinegar, olive oil and salt.

Lefki Fasolada

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Here’s a recipe for this dish. I pre-cooked the beans in a pressure cooker, which does nothing to stop them from absorbing the olive oil and becoming melt-in-your-mouth creamy, but ensured that they were completely cooked.

Chickpeas and Orzo

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Here’s the recipe.

Arakas Kokinistos

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I made this side dish of seasoned peas with dill, tomato, onion and oregano. This is actually an accurate representation of the colours in the dish.

Tahini Soup

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This is a fresh soup for spring.

Fasolakia Lathera

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I worked from this recipe, using half the oil it called for at the suggestion of a Greek friend. Unfortunately my tomatoes looked a little anaemic this time of year, so I was unable to get the bright colour of the original recipe.