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Ruffled Milk Pie

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I know I’ve been posting a lot of dessert recipes lately. I was staying with some people over the holidays and since I offered to help cooking I took over making dessert every night. I don’t usually make dessert at home except for special occasions so it was a nice opportunity for me to do some baking. I didn’t even post all the things I made which weren’t new recipes, like trifle and apple pie.

Anyhow, I made ruffled milk pie. I used the traditional cinnamon and lemon flavour instead of vanilla.

Greek Apple Preserves

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I was trying to replicate a dish I tasted in Macedonia, but this wasn’t it. I cut my apples into chunks instead of using whole apples because they were large apples, and I didn’t bother to include almonds.

When I made this dish in October, I had my window open to keep it from steaming up and a leaf floated in. I thought it deserved to be included in the picture, as this is a very autumnal dish.

Greek Potatoes and Peas

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Potatoes and peas are cooked with onion, garlic, dill, lemon juice and wine in this recipe. (Be sure to get a vegan wine if you want the recipe to be vegan.)


I served this Greek garlic potato dip as part of another meze.


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Greek-style whipped feta is another addition to a meze. Instead of pickled peppers, I grilled a long green pepper (Carliston) and added that instead. The dip was a bit too intense for my taste, as I usually enjoy feta in very small quantities.


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The Greek dish known as fava is not made from fava beans, but from yellow split peas. I used a recipe from Plenty More by Yotem Ottolenghi, but recipes are not hard to find. I decided to try this as an alternative dip for pita, in place of my usual hummus.

This was absolutely delicious. The yellow split peas are puréed with garlic, boiled onion, olive oil, salt and lemon juice, then mixed with caramelized onions and chives.



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I’m fond of mutabal and baba ghanoush, but I’m even more fond of trying new recipes. I made a Greek eggplant/aubergine dip for a change. It isn’t my favourite of all aubergine dips, but it was pretty good.