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Channa Gassi

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This coconut onion sauce with chickpeas comes from coastal Karnataka in southern India.

I had already cooked my chickpeas the previous day, in anticipation of making another dish, so they didn’t develop the same full taste they would have had if I had cooked them with the sauce, as advised in the original recipe. However, I simply perked up the leftovers by adding two peeled tomatoes and cooking it until they were soft, which greatly improved it.

Snake Gourd with Chickpea Flour

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This recipe is quite simple and a tasty way to enjoy snake gourd.


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According to this recipe, the dish can be made with ash gourd or with yellow pumpkin. I used Hokkaido pumpkin, which is widely available where I live. It is a simple dish, consisting of cowpeas and pumpkin in coconut milk.

Runner Bean Curry

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Here’s the recipe for runner beans and potatoes in a coconut milk curry.

Kollu Poriyal

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After I had leftover lentils from the previous dish using horse gram, I decided to make this dish. The previous dish was Andhra style, and this is Tamil.

Ulava Chaaru

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I saw horse gram for sale recently, so I wanted to try it since it is reportedly quite healthy. First, I made ulava chaaru. One part of the recipe didn’t appeal to me: “Strain the liquid and 1/2 cup of cooked dal. The remaining left over dal can be thrown away.”

So I looked for another recipe which would use the lentils. Interestingly, that recipe suggested saving the water for this recipe, so I clearly should have read them in the reverse order. I’ll post that recipe next.

This dish is typically served with butter, but the recipe itself is vegan, so it can be eaten plain or with a butter substitute if desired.

Pālakūra Pappu

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I used this recipe, substituting the ridge gourd with spinach. In place of ghee I used a vegetable oil.

Red Cowpea Curry

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I used this recipe.

Masoor Dal with Tomato

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I cook toor dal a lot more often than masoor (red lentils) but I’d get bored if I made the same dish every week, no matter how much I like it! Here’s a recipe for masoor dal. My dish differed because I added garam masala toward the end, and used oil instead of butter.


Brinjal Curry Ennai Kathirikai Kulambu

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When I saw baby graffiti eggplant/aubergines in the shop, I bought them first, then thought of how to use them. I ended up with this recipe. It was quite tasty.