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Methi Dana Ankur aur Pyaz ka Salad

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I’m very fond of fenugreek leaves and fenugreek seeds, so when I saw a recipe for a fenugreek sprout salad, I had to try it.

The taste of fenugreek doesn’t really come through strongly, and this tastes very similar to a salad of soy bean sprouts.


Khatti Dal

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This lentil recipe contains tamarind, which adds a pleasant slightly sour note. I halved the recipe, used oil instead of ghee, and opted for toor dal.

Sprouted Mung Bean Curry in Coconut Gravy

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I felt that this recipe would benefit from a bit more tomato. However the main difficulty for me was that the taste of the sprouts came through too clearly.


Chana Dal with Bottle Gourd

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You can find the recipe here.

Vegetable Kolhapuri

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I used this recipe, incorporating carrot, purple sweet potato, peas, green beans, and broccoli in the vegetable mix.

Quick Vegetable Biryani

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I made this according to a friend’s recipe. It contains shredded cabbage, peas, carrot, green beans, mint and corn, which I added in greater proportion than his recipe called for.

Pani Puri

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I was really craving pani puri but wasn’t prepared to make it from scratch. I bought the shells ready-made and also bought prepared tamarind sauce and a seasoning mix for the dipping liquid (which I couldn’t show very well in the photos).