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Goonjung Ddeokbokki

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This dish is an alternative to rice cakes in spicy-sweet sauce. It was an interesting dish but I prefer the classic chilli sauce.

Oi Moochim

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In this dish, cucumbers are tossed in a spicy sauce.


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In this recipe, sweet potato noodles are served with spinach, mushroom, carrot and onion. I thought it was quite tasty.


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I bought more spinach for my salad than I needed, so I transformed the remainder into spinach namul.


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In the recipe I used, an Asian pear with peppercorns is simmered in a ginger syrup before being topped with pinenuts.


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Normally this would be made with a daikon radish, but the only ones I could find were absolutely huge, so I used pink radish instead. Unfortunately I still don’t enjoy radish.

Kimchi Fried Rice

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Kimchi fried rice is simple but tasty. If you make your own kimchi, or are able to find a vegetarian version without fish sauce, the recipe can easily be made vegan. I used this recipe.

If you have tried kimchi in the past and didn’t like it, I’d suggest trying it this way or in dumplings. I don’t care for kimchi plain as a side dish, but once it is cooked further I find it delicious.


Kimchi Dumplings

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I made these dumplings using kimchi, leek, bean sprouts, sesame oil and minced garlic. I used a pre-made wrapper. Because the kimchi contains fish sauce, these are not vegetarian. If you make your own kimchi without, and ensure the wrappers don’t contain egg, it could be easily made vegan.

I then fried them in a bit of oil on one side with the lid on, before turning them, adding a bit of water, putting on the lid, and cooking them until they were brown on the other side as well.

Cucumber MuChim

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I used salt instead of fish sauce for a vegan version of cucumber muchim., and also substituted chives for garlic chives because that is what I had available. I used a bit less chilli than the recipe called for and quite enjoyed the resulting salad. Black sesame seeds made it a little more visually striking.


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I made this mildly sweet porridge using agave syrup in place of honey to make it vegan.