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Repeated Recipes from 500 Posts

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Continuing my retrospective of the last 500 posts, these are some recipes that are among my favourites. Because I like to try new dishes, a recipe has to be special for me to remember to make it more than once.







Recipes to Try Again from 500 Posts

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Now that I’ve reached 500 posts and about three years of blogging, I thought it would be a good time to look back through my pictures to to remind myself of dishes I enjoyed but haven’t made for some time. This is the first of three retrospective posts on 500 posts/3 years.


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pasta2soup2tartgnocchi1tart2plum0bun1fungusIMAG4823piepastaapples3chickpeasCarrot kheer



Pasta with Sujuk and Spinach

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Coming home late one evening I was extremely hungry so I threw together a pasta dish in less than 15 minutes. This is one of my rare dishes containing meat.

I added some sujuk in a pan, then added mushroom, sweet pepper, snow peas and eventually spinach while the pasta cooked. The sujuk has sufficient salt for the entire dish, and because the vegetables are cooked in the meat grease (no extra oil needs to be added) they also acquire seasoning.


Chicken Ramen Soup

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I do not like instant ramen noodles very much, but a homemade soup with a bit of baby bok choy and carrot, and actual chicken is a completely different dish.

Suriname Chicken Masala

Some friends and I made Suriname chicken curry with pumpkin, beans and potato.


Korean Chicken Stew

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I tried this Korean chicken stew recipe.


Pilaf and Creamy Chicken

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I’ve previously prepared this buttered rice pilaf with vegetables, and the chicken is marinated in tikka spices and grilled on the barbecue, then smothered in a creamy cashew-coconut sauce.