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Roast Pepper Salad

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To make this salad, I tossed three sweet peppers with olive oil, salt and pepper. I chopped up an onion and put all the vegetables in a baking pan under a hot broiler for 20 minutes. I turned the peppers once, and stirred the tomato.

While the vegetables were cooking, I made a dressing consisting of one clove of garlic, juice from one lime, a pinch of sugar, olive oil, a handful of mint, a handful of parsley, a few coriander leaves and salt.

Once the vegetables were cooked I mashed the tomato and placed it on a plate, then added the peppers and let them cool a little before adding feta cheese and topping with the dressing.


Fatoosh Revisted

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This is an extra post because I’ve written about fatoosh before. The hot weather has me reaching for some familiar favourites. Now is a good time to remember all the wonderful summer dishes I haven’t eaten for months. I’ve been making pita bread to eat with all sorts of dips, and this is how I used up one leftover bread, for lunch.

Roasted Vegetables with Green Sauce

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I’ve used mint-lime-tamarind sauce on boiled vegetables and on pan-fried vegetables, so to finish it off I put it on roasted vegetables.

To make this I used half a red onion, one carrot, one sweet red pepper, and one potato. I tossed them in olive oil, salt and pepper, then baked them 45 minutes at 200° C. After they were done I poured the dressing over them.

Char-grilled Lettuce with Green Sauce

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I found another use for the mint-lime-tamarind sauce: grilled lettuce. Normally, grilled lettuce is made with a closed-leaf lettuce like little gem, but I had a loose-leaf red-tipped lettuce available when I decided to make this.

Grilling lettuce is as simple as heating a frying pan quite hot, and grilling the lettuce a few moments on each side. Before grilling I add salt, olive oil, and black pepper to the lettuce. It is done when the leaves start to wilt and some char develops on the stem.

After the lettuce was cooked, I simply served it with the sauce. The lettuce tasted a little like spinach, and went well with the sauce. Half a head of lettuce looks like a lot, but once it is cooked, one person can eat it all in just a few bites.

Asparagus with Mozzarella and Green Sauce

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To make this, I peeled white asparagus and boiled it in salted water for six minutes. I then chilled it in a cold water bath, before draining it well. I added a bit of mozzarella and topped it with mint-lime-tamarind sauce.

Mint-Lime-Tamarind Sauce

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When I saw this it looked like an interesting recipe, but I wanted to change it to make it vegan. I replaced the honey with agave syrup, and the anchovy with a rehydrated Shiitake mushroom. I also wasn’t convinced that my lime zest was safe to eat, so I used the juice instead.

The result was quite tasty, although because of the chile it requires careful use. Here are some of the ways I served it:

Quick Vegetable Biryani

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I made this according to a friend’s recipe. It contains shredded cabbage, peas, carrot, green beans, mint and corn, which I added in greater proportion than his recipe called for.