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Green Beans and Snow Peas with Hazelnut and Orange

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I couldn’t find French beans as instructed in the recipe, so I substituted flat green beans and cooked them a little longer. I also could only find hazelnuts which had already been roasted. This is surprisingly good, and the hazelnuts should not be left out. I used flax oil in place of hazelnut oil.

Vegetable Barigoule

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Vegetables in broth make a nice change my usual preparation. I used carrots (both white and orange), fennel, green beans and peas as my vegetables, leaving out the sugar snap peas in the original recipe. The beans were boiled like the carrots, except until fully cooked. Instead of a vanilla bean I used vanilla extract. Finally, instead of thyme I used rosemary, because I had some handy.

Greek Potatoes and Peas

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Potatoes and peas are cooked with onion, garlic, dill, lemon juice and wine in this recipe. (Be sure to get a vegan wine if you want the recipe to be vegan.)

Chanterelle Pasta

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To make this, I pan-fried chanterelles in a bit of oil. Meanwhile I cooked the pasta in boiling water along with one toe of garlic, which I later disposed of. The mushrooms are so delicate in taste that any more direct garlic would have overwhelmed them. I added some frozen peas just before draining the pasta. The pasta, together with the peas, were added to the mushrooms, along with salt, pepper, and oat cream. I cooked it until the cream coated the pasta. I topped it with parsley.

Chanterelles with Scrambled Egg and Peas

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Chanterelles are one of my favourite mushrooms. When I find them for sale, I like to enjoy them prepared simply. For breakfast I used 100 grams of chanterelles pan-fried over low heat with butter. I added an egg whisked with milk, with a bit of salt and black pepper added. I like to cook the egg and mushrooms on different sides of the pan so that the egg cooks fully and doesn’t cling to the mushrooms, then mix them together after the egg is cooked. To this I added some freshly hulled peas which I had blanched.

Vegetable Kolhapuri

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I used this recipe, incorporating carrot, purple sweet potato, peas, green beans, and broccoli in the vegetable mix.

Leek, Chard/Mangold, Mushroom and Pea Subji

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Since the author of the recipe had already taken liberties with the ingredients to make a fusion dish, I decided to replace the kale in the original with chard as I could not find any kale.

It was nice, but lacked sufficient seasoning, in my opinion. I ended up tempering cumin seeds, mustard seeds, garlic and chilli powder and adding it at the end, effectively doubling the seasoning.