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Vegan Phở

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This isn’t completely authentic but the broth has a good taste and it is just packed with vegetables. I added Thai basil and lime to garnish, which the recipe didn’t call for. I only had 10 star anise on hand so that is what I used. For mushrooms I used chestnut and dried shiitake; I let the shiitake simmer the entire 40 minutes. The mixed root vegetables in my case consisted of just one carrot, and a purple one at that, hence the lovely hue of my broth. I left out the black pepper. For the green leaves I used chard/mangold which I cooked with the rice noodles, and cress.



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Normally this would be made with a daikon radish, but the only ones I could find were absolutely huge, so I used pink radish instead. Unfortunately I still don’t enjoy radish.

Roasted Radishes

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Two people who don’t like raw radish appreciated this roasted radish dish, which I served with crema di balsamica instead of balsamic vinegar. I used Himalayan black salt in place of sea salt.

Carrot and Coconut Lentils with Radish Pickle

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I used this recipe, opting for agave rather than honey.

Spiced Fresh Pickles

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After making dua gia, I decided I wanted a pickle with a little more spice, and a bit of cucumber and daikon as well. This is similar to the previous recipe, except that I added some powdered chilli to the mixture.