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Mixed Fruit Soup

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This recipe says to use honey and sour cream, but it works fine if you use agave syrup as I did, and replace the sour cream with either non-dairy yoghurt or a nut cream.

Rhubarb Kissell

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This simple Estonian rhubarb soup can also be served with yoghurt, although I have chosen to top it with oat cream. Because it has so few ingredients, the taste of the rhubarb really comes through.

I think when I make this again – which I plan to, as I really liked it – I will try substituting some of the sugar with stevia to make it healthier.

Black pasta with pickled rhubarb and ginger

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Some recipes just don’t turn out. This one, which I modified by using black soybean pasta to make it vegan, was tasted by three people, and we would all describe it as Bad – I will never make this again. We all like rhubarb, and I usually like Ottolenghi’s recipes, but this dish disappointed.

Rhubarb Cobbler

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I know I’m posting a lot of desserts! I didn’t abandon my healthy diet, but this summer I brought desserts to a number of gatherings. Since I enjoy baking it’s always fun for me to make desserts without the need to eat much myself. I generally have quite a few posts queued so although summer is now winding down, most of these desserts were made during my busy summer baking season (which is why the fruits featured are now out of season).


To make the cobbler I simmered the rhubarb in a little water with sugar and vanilla extract until it was soft, then thickened it with tapioca pearls. The topping is a sweet baking powder biscuit dough using unbleached flour. I rolled it out and cut it with cookie cutters, then layered the shapes and sprinkled it with sugar before baking until the dough was cooked.


Mini Rhubarb Galette

For the crust I used unbleached wheat flour. I simmered the rhubarb in sugar syrup with vanilla until soft, then thickened the syrup with cornstarch and poured that into the base and topped it with pieces of rhubarb.


Raspberry-Rhubarb Pie

I used unbleached flour in the pie crust.


Breakfast Yoghurt Bowl

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This is a typical breakfast for me.


It consists of Greek yoghurt sweetened with agave and stevia, fruit compote, fresh fruit, cocoa nibs, and ground flax seed. Since this picture was taken in the spring, my seasonal fruits were strawberries and blueberries, and the compote is rhubarb and banana, with a few dates as extra sweetener. When I’m lazy I get sweetened yoghurt with a fruit layer and just add the flax and cocoa nibs.