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I bought more spinach for my salad than I needed, so I transformed the remainder into spinach namul.


Carrot, Mung Sprout and Spinach Salad

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This recipe gave me an excuse to sprout some mung beans. As usual I did not follow the recipe faithfully, opting to use frozen grated coconut over rehydrated dry coconut. I also used a mix of purple and orange carrots to add additional color.

This was more work than the carrot mustardseed salad I’ve made in the past, and in my opinion the other salad is nicer. This one isn’t bad, but it wasn’t special enough to justify the effort.

Little Roses Tortellini

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I decided to use ready-made dumpling wrappers for this in place of making my own dough.In retrospect, this was a mistake – most of the gyoza wrappers didn’t stand up the the sustained boiling.

The filling was made of grated beet, cashew cream, salt and nutritional yeast. To make the sauce I first pan-fried the mushrooms in olive oil, then wilted some spinach in the pan, before adding salt, black pepper, and oat cream.

Pretty little parcels, but overall not a success. The sauce was tasty, the filling was adequate, and the execution failed.


Sabaneh Wa Ruz Bil Sha’riyeh

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This recipe comes from Palestine Plate by Joudie Kal. For me the recipe makes altogether too much rice relative to spinach, but the spinach, garlic and lemon combination is nice.

Orzo with Beetroot

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This recipe combines orzo and beets.  I opted to use spinach in the place of rocket. This dish has a surprisingly delicate and mildly sweet flavour. I do not think the citrus peel is required.

The author recommends adding feta if you like, or skipping it for a vegan version.

Goat Cheese and Spinach Flatbread

I made a flatbread from buckwheat and wheat flour, then mixed together two pastes as a base: baba ghanoush and roasted red onion purée. I topped it with spinach, cherry tomatoes and honey chèvre.


I made this dish of rice and spinach using mint rather than dill, and with basmati rice. I included the tomato paste.