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Carrots Braised in Lapsang Souchong

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I tried braising carrots in tea, but my loose-leaf tea made quite a mess of it, and my large carrots had to be cut down to size so it wasn’t even as beautiful as the original.


Earl Grey Sponge Cupcakes with Lavender Marshmallow Glaze

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I made the cupcakes using the recipe for Carla’s Hot Milk Sponge cake from the More with Less cookbook by Doris Janzen Longacre, but I infused the milk with Earl Grey tea. The topping is the same marshmallow cream from Mimi’s poppyseed cake, except I steeped dried lavender in the water I used, and did not include vanilla.

Rice Flour Dumplings on a bed of Macerated Red Berries

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The dumplings are made from glutinous rice flour, salt, baking powder, boiling water and stevia. The dough was divided in thirds and one part was mixed with matcha powder while another part was mixed with cocoa powder. The dough was rolled into strands, braided, looped back and rolled some more before being cut and rolled into balls which were boiled.

The dumplings are set on a bed of macerated raspberry and strawberry sweetened with agave syrup and stevia.

Steamed Matcha Rice Dumplings

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To make these little sweets, I mixed glutinous rice flour with baking powder and a pinch of salt. I then added hot water and stevia and kneaded the dough a little before dividing it and adding matcha powder to half of it. Meanwhile, I heated some water in a large pan and lightly greased a muffin tin. I rolled the dough into small balls and put them in the muffin tin, then set the tin over the boiling water and steamed it for 20 minutes.


After reading that lemon is a good accompaniment to matcha, I made a glaze of lemon juice and sugar. These small chewy steamed dumplings were a nice treat.


Vegan Matcha Muffins

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For breakfast I made vegan matcha muffins. They are pretty tasty, and not too sweet. I halved the recipe and used hazelnut milk instead of almond milk. I also thought that the baking powder in the original recipe should have been written as 2 teaspoons, as that would be a more typical quantity. I used 1 teaspoon in my version and they turned out fine. The coconut oil had to be melted before it could be incorporated. I sprinkled a little extra matcha powder on top before baking.



Marbled Matcha Cake

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I didn’t have a small pan like the recipe called for, so I knew my cake would turn out a bit flatter than the original. What I wasn’t expecting was the orange tint on the top of the cake. I thought it was rather pretty.


Inside it looked as expected. I think I cooked it a little longer than needed, and one of my eggs had a double yolk which may have also contributed to the colour. The crumb was nice and the cake was not too dry. It is mildly sweet and would be nice topped with honey if you like a sweeter cake.