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Green Lentil Spinach Stew

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I got the recipe here, but it’s from the Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook by Salma Hage. If you leave out the labneh as I did, it is a one-pot vegan meal.

Mixed Fruit Soup

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This recipe says to use honey and sour cream, but it works fine if you use agave syrup as I did, and replace the sour cream with either non-dairy yoghurt or a nut cream.

Ginger Tamarind Brussels Sprouts

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I used this recipe, except I substituted agave syrup for the honey to make it vegan, and I poured the sauce directly on the sprouts while they were still cooking, so that it was fully absorbed.

This was not a bad way to prepare sprouts. I think it would be nice tossed with buckwheat noodles and a bit of fried tofu, as a main dish.

Chard/Mangold with Berbere Spice

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This is a simple fusion dish where chard/mangold is mixed with Ethiopian berbere spice mix, garlic and onion, then fried. I really enjoyed lentils with berbere spice, so I thought I’d see how it goes with vegetables. I used oil rather than butter and instead of using two bunches of chard, I added the leaves to the stems near the end of the cooking.

Channa Gassi

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This coconut onion sauce with chickpeas comes from coastal Karnataka in southern India.

I had already cooked my chickpeas the previous day, in anticipation of making another dish, so they didn’t develop the same full taste they would have had if I had cooked them with the sauce, as advised in the original recipe. However, I simply perked up the leftovers by adding two peeled tomatoes and cooking it until they were soft, which greatly improved it.

Green Beans and Snow Peas with Hazelnut and Orange

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I couldn’t find French beans as instructed in the recipe, so I substituted flat green beans and cooked them a little longer. I also could only find hazelnuts which had already been roasted. This is surprisingly good, and the hazelnuts should not be left out. I used flax oil in place of hazelnut oil.

Spinach “Alfredo” Linguine

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This recipe comes from One-Dish Vegan by Robin Robertson. It is made creamy with plant milk and mashed white beans. I thought this was rather bland. I added pine nuts to try to perk it up but it didn’t help.