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Balsamic Glazed Carrots

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I used maple sugar instead of brown sugar, and slices full-sized carrots instead of using the baby carrots advocated in this recipe. Like several of the people who commented, I agree that it takes more than 10 minutes to cook carrots in a pan – it took about 15 minutes with my sliced carrots, so with baby carrots I think it would be advisable to parboil.

I also thought it benefited from a pinch of salt.

Peas with Onion

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I used this recipe, substituting vegetable bouillon and water for chicken stock. Purple onion was used to contrast more with the peas.

Lemon-Basil Carrot Bundles

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I used this recipe, substituting olive oil for the butter to make it vegan. Because it was early spring when I made this, I wasn’t able to get enough green onion tops to tie the bundles, but I found that chives made a suitable substitute.

This looked nice but the sauce was too lemony for my taste.

Grilled Asparagus with Mint and Pea Purée

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I modified the recipe by parboiling the asparagus – I like them cooked through – and by substituting good olive oil for the butter to make it vegan.

Char-Grilled Greens

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I modified the recipe, using only one type of bean and opting for snow peas instead of shelling the peas. I didn’t have sorrel so I replaced it with spinach.

Asparagus and Mushrooms with Onions

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I modified this recipe by using chestnut mushrooms, half as much asparagus as the recipe called for, just one onion, oil instead of butter (and only 1 teaspoon of it), and reducing the soy sauce and water by 2/3. I thought it was quite tasty.

Spectacular Pictures from 500 Posts

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This is my final 500-post retrospective post. The dishes I’ve selected here were chosen simply because I liked the photos. Many of my favourite photos, like my favourite foods, have rich colours.