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The appearance of spring weather makes me want summery foods: meze and bread with cheese. I made mutabal for the first time, serving it with familiar favourites such as yoğurtlu havuç salatası.

Methi and Mushroom

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I just adore fresh fenugreek leaves. Here I made a dish with mushrooms and yoghurt.


Charred Grilled Peppers with Tzatziki


These peppers with fresh tzatziki were a salad served alongside ravioli.


Grilled Strawberries with Yoghurt

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The grilled strawberries in this recipe (which I made with pomegranate molasses) were nice served with Greek yoghurt with vanilla, stevia and agave syrup.



Vanilla Yoghurt Semolina Cake

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A friend gave me a recipe for an egg-free yoghurt semolina cake, which I served with caramel sauce.



Breakfast Yoghurt Bowl

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This is a typical breakfast for me.


It consists of Greek yoghurt sweetened with agave and stevia, fruit compote, fresh fruit, cocoa nibs, and ground flax seed. Since this picture was taken in the spring, my seasonal fruits were strawberries and blueberries, and the compote is rhubarb and banana, with a few dates as extra sweetener. When I’m lazy I get sweetened yoghurt with a fruit layer and just add the flax and cocoa nibs.

Panfried Banana with Yoghurt

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I was looking at my pictures of eggplant with tahini yoghurt and pomegranate from some distance and I thought it looked like pan-fried bananas, or maybe plantain, sprinkled with brown sugar and topped with sweetened yoghurt, or maybe meringues, and pomegranate seeds. So I made them, all four ways.

Banana and yoghurt:


Banana and meringue:


Plantain and yoghurt:


And plantain with meringue:


I recommend the banana yoghurt option of the four.