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Greek Cabbage Soup

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I used this recipe for the soup.



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Here’s a recipe.  I adapted it to fit what I had. There’s a courgette/zucchini shortage, so I used less of this ingredient. Partway through the cooking I decided to add two extra tomatoes because I thought it needed more. I had an extra green bell pepper so I tossed that in, too. It is an extremely forgiving dish.


Briam can be eaten plain but it is also commonly served with feta. If you are not avoiding dairy the addition of feta does improve this dish but it is quite good without it as well.


Vegan Lasagne

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I made one of my favourite lasagnes, which happens to be vegan. Vegetarian spinach lasagne and Moosewood lighter vegetarian lasagne are the other two I’m fond of. I used butternut squash, sweet peppers, courgette/zucchini, and kale. My basic tomato sauce also contains carrots, so there were plenty of vegetables amid the cashew cream and the pasta sheets I added.


Orzo with Vegetables

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I started with this recipe but made a few changes. I added mushrooms with the courgette/zucchini, left off the cheese to make it vegan, left out the wine, used lemon juice instead of limes, left out the sieved tomatoes, and left out the olives.


Spiced Tomato and Summer Vegetables

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I started with this recipe, but used pressure-cooked blackeyed beans instead of broad beans, as I couldn’t find fresh beans in the shop. I also used mangetout/snow peas instead of sugar snaps.


Cold Zucchini/Courgette with Cottage Cheese

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The zucchini/courgette is cooked, cooled, then filled with cottage cheese seasoned with herbs, seeds, and sun-dried tomato. I thought the recipe looked interesting but I felt it was too bland as a main dish and would have liked it better as an appetizer. Of the four people who tasted it, it was an even split between liking it and not having a strong like or dislike for it.



Zucchini/Courgette ‘Noodles’ with Peanut Sauce

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I started with this recipe, but as I prefer my fasta cooked, I boiled the zucchini/courgette for 3 minutes before draining and rinsing it in cold water. I also added some diced cucumber, a few drops of stevia and some salt, and used the full measure of sauce for one-third of the recipe. I found some benefit in letting it sit in the fridge so that the ginger and garlic flavour could come out fully.

If you don’t have a spiralizser you can slice by hand, as I did, since I could not find my spiralizer.