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Snake Gourd with Chickpea Flour

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This recipe is quite simple and a tasty way to enjoy snake gourd.

Chana Dal with Bottle Gourd

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You can find the recipe here.

Pudalangai Poriyal

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I used this recipe for the snake gourd fry.

Methi Turai ki Sabzi

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This recipe brings my favourite ridge gourd and fenugreek leaf together.

Channa Dal with Chachinda

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This is channa dal with snake gourd. There is okra with tamarind and capsicum gravy in the background.


Kovakkai Curry

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I made this curry with ivy gourd (tindora).

Ridge Gourd Pepper Kootu

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I made ridge gourd pepper kootu.


Bitter Gourd Garlic Fry

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I’ve never been much of a fan of bitter gourd, but I think you shouldn’t write off an ingredient until you’ve tried it a few times. I did not mind this recipe, perhaps because it involves removing the skin, thus reducing the bitterness.


I served it with cabbage chana dal.


Ridge Gourd and Fenugreek Leaf Curry

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Fenugreek leaves and ridge gourd are two vegetables I’m fond of, which come together nicely in beerakaya methi.


Podalanga Masala

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I used this recipe to make the snake gourd and chickpea (chana dal) curry. I served it with the spinach-methi cauliflower and roti.