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Rhubarb Kissell

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This simple Estonian rhubarb soup can also be served with yoghurt, although I have chosen to top it with oat cream. Because it has so few ingredients, the taste of the rhubarb really comes through.

I think when I make this again – which I plan to, as I really liked it – I will try substituting some of the sugar with stevia to make it healthier.


Vegan Phở

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This isn’t completely authentic but the broth has a good taste and it is just packed with vegetables. I added Thai basil and lime to garnish, which the recipe didn’t call for. I only had 10 star anise on hand so that is what I used. For mushrooms I used chestnut and dried shiitake; I let the shiitake simmer the entire 40 minutes. The mixed root vegetables in my case consisted of just one carrot, and a purple one at that, hence the lovely hue of my broth. I left out the black pepper. For the green leaves I used chard/mangold which I cooked with the rice noodles, and cress.

Chinese Mushroom Noodle Soup

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Using vegetarian oyster sauce, vegetable stock, and egg-free noodles makes this dish vegan. For mushrooms I chose Shiitake mushrooms and black fungus.

Cream of Wild Rice Soup

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You can find the recipe here. I thought this was quite tasty.

Green Miso Soup

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I didn’t follow the recipe, as usual. I simmered the celery, garlic and spinach together with the lentils for a while, because I like them well-cooked. The lettuce, however, I only wilted. I also let it cool completely before blending it, because it is safer to blend that way, and I was making it in advance for lunch anyway.

This green soup looks very much like the other green soups I’ve made in recent weeks – broccoli stalk soup, pea parsley soup, and greens soup – but each has a distinct flavour.

Chilli Miso Soup

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Here’s the recipe I used. The nice thing about this soup is that it can be easily transported to work, and prepared with just boiling water.

From the bottom to the top, the layers are: chilli-miso paste, spinach, vermicelli, chilli, peas, purple carrot, spring onion, sesame seeds, coriander leaves and lime.

Onion Caraway Soup

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Here’s the recipe. I was also unable to find barley flour, so I toasted whole barley and then ground it. Unfortunately my grinder didn’t manage to completely turn it to flour, so my soup had a much thinner broth but more bits in it. The flavour was still good.

To make the recipe vegan, I replaced the butter with olive oil, the chicken stock with water, and used a vegetarian Wochestershire sauce.