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Chard/Mangold, Onion and Goat Cheese Tart

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I used a prepared puff pastry as the base. The first layer is red onions which were carmelized slowly in oil, along with two sprigs of thyme. The chard stems are lightly par-boiled and the leaves were cooked to wilt. Honey goat cheese and pan-fried sweet pepper tops the dish.



Squash, Chard/Mangold and Bean Taco

I used this recipe although I opted for black-eyed beans instead of black beans, and whole-wheat tortillas. I did not like it as much as grilled vegetables in a tortilla, but my dining companion liked it.

Squash-Feta Ravioli in Tomato-Chard/Mangold Sauce


This ravioli is stuffed with hubbard squash, feta cheese and sage, in a pastry made of unbleached wheat flour. The sauce is chopped and simmered tomato with wilted chard/mangold leaves.


Swiss Chard/Mangold Enchiladas with Rhubarb Sauce

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I used this basic recipe, substituting wheat tortillas for corn tortillas, sharp white cheddar for mozzarella, kidney beans for black beans, and a fresh chopped jalapeño for chipotle powder. I also opted to make two very large enchiladas instead of several smaller ones.



Chard/Mangold Salad with Butternut Squash and Pasta

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I started with Peter Gordon’s recipe, using a butternut squash instead of a pumpkin. I left out the feta to make it vegan, and skipped the pumpkin seeds because I wanted to serve it cold for lunch, and I thought the seeds would get soggy. The result is still tasty.



Black-eyed Pea and Chard/Mangold Stew

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This is a really tasty dish. I made it with rainbow chard/mangold. Don’t skimp on the lemon juice, as it really adds to the dish.

Rating: Tasty – I will probably make it again

Hummus Wraps with Roast Vegetables

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I made wraps with hummus again, again using a dürüm which I filled with hummus, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber and mixed roast vegetables. The vegetables were roasted with a little olive oil, minced garlic and salt. I included red onions, broccoli, kale, purple yam, zucchini/courgette, butternut squash, beet, carrot, sweet pepper and chard/mangold stems.