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Char-Grilled Greens

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I modified the recipe, using only one type of bean and opting for snow peas instead of shelling the peas. I didn’t have sorrel so I replaced it with spinach.

Creamy Champ

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I tried this recipe, using Cashel blue instead of Gorgonzola cheese. It’s quite easy to eat this all, so I don’t recommend making more than you intend to eat immediately.

Roast Aubergine and Blue Cheese Dip

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I was eating Cashel blue cheese and thinking about the vegetables I needed to use, one of which was aubergine/eggplant. I decided to make something similar to mutabal, where yoghurt is added to roast aubergine to make it creamy.

To make this I roasted one aubergine. In a small grinder I blended one clove of raw garlic, some olive oil, a tablespoon of lemon juice, salt and a hunk of Cashel blue. After adding the roast aubergine with its juices and blending I adjusted to taste, adding a bit more cheese and salt.  The proportions depend on your preferences and the size of the eggplant.

It was tasty served with black pepper oatcakes.

Tagliatelle with Eggplant and Feta

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I used both basil and mint for this dish.


Cheese Platter

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Some evenings I want a simple but satisfying meal. A cheese platter with a glass of ruby port suits me.


Here I have whole wheat crackers, Guinness cheddar, porter, Cashel blue, and apple.

Blue Cheese and Celeriac Pithiver

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Given my skill at making this blue cheese and celeriac pithiver, I think next time I’ll make it as a pie. It tasted better than it looked.



Basic Tortellini Soup

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Tortellini soup is one of those dishes I turn to fairly often, using store-bought pasta if I don’t feel inspired to make my own. Simply heat vegetable or chicken broth (or water with a bouillon cube), add your desired vegetables, and add the pasta near the end before adding salt to taste. I usually use a mildly flavoured tortellini, in this case cheese. I used cavolo nero, mushrooms and a potato in the soup, which is made with a vegetable broth. Carrots, spinach and chard/mangold are other nice additions.