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Asparagus with Mozzarella and Green Sauce

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To make this, I peeled white asparagus and boiled it in salted water for six minutes. I then chilled it in a cold water bath, before draining it well. I added a bit of mozzarella and topped it with mint-lime-tamarind sauce.

Pasta with Broccoli and Asparagus

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I steamed broccoli and asparagus for six minutes, then blanched it. In the meantime, I chopped a spring onion and parsley, and grated a carrot and some red Leicester cheese. Because it is a sharp, old cheese, only a little was needed so the dish wasn’t too heavy. Next I cooked the pasta in boiling salted water with a crushed clove of garlic. The pasta was mixed with the vegetables and a little butter, then set on a bed of carrot and topped with cheese.

Grilled Asparagus with Mint and Pea Purée

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I modified the recipe by parboiling the asparagus – I like them cooked through – and by substituting good olive oil for the butter to make it vegan.

Asparagus and Mushrooms with Onions

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I modified this recipe by using chestnut mushrooms, half as much asparagus as the recipe called for, just one onion, oil instead of butter (and only 1 teaspoon of it), and reducing the soy sauce and water by 2/3. I thought it was quite tasty.

Asparagus Masala

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I cooked the stems of green asparagus using a method for okra in this fusion dish, after using the asparagus tips in another dish.

Pesto Pasta with Asparagus

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Pasta with pesto and asparagus makes for a nice quick meal. I made this in the spring, hence the use of asparagus, but in the summer I would substitute another seasonal vegetable such as green beans or peas.

Mushroom-Asparagus Pasta with Parmesan

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To make this dish, I started with cooking the pasta, and while it was cooking I cooked garlic in olive oil, then added the mushroom and the asparagus stalks. After some time I added the asparagus heads. After I drained the pasta I added turmeric, salt and pepper to the pan, along with a little bit of Parmesan. Once the cheese started to melt, I added a bit of milk and the pasta, and stirred until there was no liquid left. It is topped with some additional Parmesan.


White Asparagus with Turmeric

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Last year I posted a picture of green asparagus cooked with milk and turmeric. It is equally tasty when prepared with white asparagus, and the bright colour of the turmeric is far more visible.


Herbed Vegetable Packets

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These little packages of herbed vegetables from the Moosewood Restaurant: Cooking for Health cookbook are surprisingly tasty, and enjoyable as a main dish with the addition of a side of bread.


Yet another asparagus lunch

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garlic-parmesan asparagus

I’m still enjoying the asparagus season.  Today’s lunch was garlic-Parmesan asparagus.