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Lentil and Chard/Mangold Soup

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The base of this soup consists of red lentils cooked until they dissolve and cashew cream. Chard/mangold adds some greens, and citrus juice (I used lemon as I didn’t have limes) and cilantro perk it up and keep it from being too heavy. I enjoyed this soup.


Chard/Mangold Lentil Gratin

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Here’s the recipe.

Harak Osbao

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I worked from this recipe, but I substituted vegetable stock for the chicken stock, and used green speckled lentils instead of brown lentils.


Carrot and Coconut Lentils with Radish Pickle

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I used this recipe, opting for agave rather than honey.


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I followed this recipe for this hearty spinach, lentil and bean soup. The soup can easily be made vegan by leaving off the yoghurt topping; it is still tasty like this.


Asheh Kadoo Tanbal

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I tried this Persian pumpkin soup, using a mix of mung beans and toor dal for the lentils, and butternut squash in place of the pumpkin.


Methi Kura Pappu

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I made methi kura pappu.