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Kale Apple Cake

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This cake was very pretty, but the taste was rather bland. Maybe it was because I used homemade applesauce which isn’t sweetened. The frosting with applesauce was a nice touch, though, and I might use it on something else.

Chai Banana Bread

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I used this recipe but did not add the icing. I used a mix of raisins, dried cranberries, and dried apples.

Applesauce Pie

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I’ve made a lot of apple pies, but always from fresh apples. So when I was asked to make an apple pie using frozen apples which had been grown this summer, I instead opted for some homemade applesauce so I could make an applesauce pie. The site where I got this recipe from originally is now defunct, but this one is similar.

I reduced the butter by half, increased the applesauce slightly, and used three eggs because my host’s chickens lay eggs that are a bit smaller than commercial ones.


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I found a good use for the rest of the bounty of apples I received in the autumn: sharlotka. What’s nice about this is that it’s mostly apple with a bit of batter: more fruit, less sugar.

Rose Cordial Apples

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I started with this recipe, but used a rose cordial rather than rosewater, and left out the pistachio.

Baked Apples with Pumpkin Caramel

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I still have a lot of apples left, so I decided to make baked apples with pumpkin caramel. In place of rye sourdough I simply used a rye-wheat that I often have on hand. I also made it vegan by using coconut oil in place of butter, replacing the double cream with oat cream, and skipping the sour cream.

Red Cabbage Juice

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So many people start the new year with new resolutions, like going to the gym or juicing. Not me, I try things any time. The juiceĀ  I’m presenting today is something I tried in October.

The taste of this was surprisingly good (especially given my dislike of cabbage), although I added a few drops of liquid stevia to it. Unfortunately I don’t have a juicer and my blender left rather too much pulp for me to actually drink it as a smoothie. Instead I had to put it in a strainer and extract the juice that way.